Susanna (moonchild_x) wrote in hotaru_princess,

Tsuki no Chiri aka Moondust: A Sailor Moon Forum with an RPG!

I created a new Sailor Moon forum at proboards. I decided to name it Moondust aka Tsuki no Chiri (which is Japanese for "Moondust"). I am currently the only member there which makes me the admin but I'm looking for new members and potential people to apply for the position of moderator! ;)
Not your usual brand new SM forum as the site layout is neat, the avatars are awesome (over 100 icons!) and there will be a lot of focus on great design of the forum, SM graphics etc. 
Current categories: General (The Site Room, New Soldiers, The Silver Millenium Cafe, Other Site Suggestions), Sailor Senshi (The Inner Senshi & Outer Senshi with Sub-Boards for each Soldier!), Other Characters (Villains & Others with Sub-Boards for each character!), Entertainment (Quizzes & Surveys, Literature with a Sub-Board for SM Fanfiction, Movies & TV with a Sub-Board for Other Anime, Music, Art with a Sub-Board for SM Fanart!), Roleplaying (The SM RPG Section with its own Plot Story, RPG Discussion!). 
Also, I am still updating and adding new things so be patient with the forum.. trust me, it'll be much more interesting than it already is! :)

Click here to join: Tsuki No Chiri // A Sailor Moon Forum

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