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Evenin' y'all! xD I'm new to this community, and mostly a lurker. I just join random communities to follow up on what's going on where. Y'might see me with an icon post here and there, b'cause that's what I do. Bwahah.

Anyway, I love Saturn. She's probably got the most enigmatic past out of the entire cast (not to mention the most unique, in a bland kind of way, character design). The manga version of her was awesome. xD Then again, I could be biased in her favor because I share my birthday with her. Weird, huh? Oh, yeah, going back to the manga theme...

Firstly, here are all of my auctions currently running. As y'all can see, I'm selling almost all of the Sailor Moon english manga series, most of which are first edition, or just early editions. Like Chix manga, Mixx, Tokyopop, etc, etc, and so on and so forth. Here's an individual list of what all I'm selling:

Sailor Moon vol. 2 + playing card set
Sailor Moon vol. 3 + playing card set
Sailor Moon vol. 4 + playing card set (noticing a trend yet? xD)
Sailor Moon vol. 6 + playing card set
Sailor Moon vol. 7
Sailor Moon vol. 8 + playing card set
Sailor Moon vol. 9
Sailor Moon vol. 10
Sailor Moon vol. 11 + playing card set
Sailor Moon SuperS vol. 1+ playing card set
Sailor Moon SuperS vol. 3
Sailor Moon Supers vol. 4
Sailor Moon Stars vol. 1 (first edition)+ playing card set
Sailor Moon Stars vol. 2
Sailor Moon Stars vol. 3 + playing card set

That's all I have up for auction right now. Next week, just as soon as I pound some more money into my checking account to cover the Ebay fees, I plan on selling my two Sailor Moon manga artbooks (the first two), the six domestic plushies that were released in the US, five 10th ann. plushies (SO FARKING CUTE! I love them so.), two anime artbooks, the three subbed movies, and a VHS with three dubbed episodes on it. Oh, and then there's my two wallscrolls. So, lotsa stuff.

I normally wouldn't be selling all this stuff (because I love it so ; ;), but my sister and I are going to college next fall and... well, money's tight, so we have to raise some cash somehow! ^^;

This has been x-posted, like, everywhere I can think of. B'cause I'm broke like that. xD

Also, if this is against the rules, please lemme know and I'll delete this post asap. ^^
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